What is G Drive?

G Drive is a fund that was started with the vision of Summit Community Church. The “G” stands for “greater”. The biblical concept comes from when Jesus called Nathanael to be one of His disciples. Nathanael was amazed that Jesus had mysteriously seen him under the fig tree. Jesus’ response was “you will see greater things than these” (John 1:50) The past 5 years has been amazing and we truly believe that there are greater thing to come. Greater things happen by God showing up, showing out, and you being willing to show Him off! 

Why G Drive?

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” Most everything in life can be understood if we stop and reflect what has happened. We get caught up in the fast paced, forward momentum of life. For the past 5 years we have been moving at a rapid pace and God has blessed us in many ways. By how we share Jesus and all his blessings  where we live, work, and play has made is necessary for us to create more parking and space for more people to hear and have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel. 

The Plan

We have been blessed to be able to purchase the Ross Property next door. Since then we have been working on a site plan to improve our current parking , grade the adjacent lot, and put in additional parking. We have also created plans to build out our balcony for additional seating, improving our current parking lot, grading off the back of our new property and putting in a pass-through behind the dentist office that will tie our parking lots together. 

The Need

 This plan calls for an investment of $350,000. Through your faithfulness and generosity in giving , and with God’s blessing and wise stewardship we have been able to save and transfer $160,000 into G Drive. For the additional $190,000 we ask that you partner with us . 

How we can all help:

-Ask God how He wants us to partner.

-Allow God to do in you and through you what only He can do. 

-Partner with us to pray, share, and financially give. 

How to Give:

-One time donation

-Pledges made over a 6 month period. 

-Combination of both a one time donation and a 6 month pledge.

-There has been a $10,000 challenge presented to match any funds up to that amount that are received by December 31st. 

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