Hope for Guatemala

Hope for Guatemala is a ministry in Zone 18 within Guatemala City. Out of all the Zones in the city, Zone 18 has the highest population, highest crime rate, highest gang activity and the highest poverty. Our partner ministry seeks to eliminate poverty one child at a time by feeding them physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. There is a saying there in the ministry that says, “Soy parte del cambio” which means “I am part of the change.”  Through our partnership we are definitely part of the change happening there in Zone 18. During the summer months we offer one week and two weeks experiences where you can go with us to participate in the change.   -Pastor Mike

Summer 2019

Experience Dates
June 22nd-29th 
July 27th-August 3rd
August 3rd-10th
July 27th-August 10th
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