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Summit Worship

Summit worship has a passion for developing both new worship leaders and worship technicians and we are always in the process of cultivating His servants. We desire to cultivate the gift and passion for worship that God has created in a person’s life. We intentionally combine stage worship and technical worship because we believe that they are dependent upon one another.

The technical training portion equips volunteers in the areas of video, computer graphics, audio and lighting. While becoming more proficient, each person will learn how to effectively lead worship from a technical standpoint and or a Musical standpoint.

All involved will move at their own pace, and instructors will decide when one will progress on a case by case basis. Someone may be in the program for a month or a year, but the outcome is still the same: a musically and spiritually prepared worship leader or worship technician with a passion for God and a desire to lead His people into worship. If you’re interested in becoming a part of Summit Worship, please click on the Summit Worship Application, and fill out the form. We will then be in contact with you.