Connect Groups Explained

What is a Connect Group?

At Summit Community Church we believe that people cannot grow spiritually unless they are connected relationally. As a way to help people connect and enjoy authentic relationships, we have a network of Connect Groups that meet throughout the week to discuss the bible, pray for one another, and fellowship. These groups are designed to be safe places to explore your faith and get to know other people with similar interests. We believe that Connect Groups are for everyone, but not every Connect Group is for everyone. We encourage all people interested in Connect Groups to try multiple groups in order to find the best fit.

Where do Connect Groups Meet?

We have Connect Groups that meet on Sunday mornings during service and others that meet throughout the week (both morning and evening). Most groups meet in the home of the leader or host of the group, but we have some groups that meet at the church building. For more information on Connect Groups please click the Get Connected! button below and a member from our Connect Group team will reach out to you.

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